When I started this blog, my goal was to write more. Making it publicly accessible was a form of accountability; it would not only be me who saw what I produced, so I had an obligation pulling me up from above as well as a passion pushing from below. So far, that has worked out well. I’ve published, on average, 1,500 words a week since inception, and sometimes more when I wrote an extra piece that I hadn’t planned beforehand. That’s 22 posts in just 4 months.

That has only been sustainable because of the length of the story that prompted me to create my blog in the first place. I had already completed Fate/Cross when my blog went online, save for some minor adjustments here and there. Its 18,000 or so words cleanly divided into 11 chapters made it easy to space out over a long period and give me twice as long to write other stories for the interim weeks. With that story coming to a close next week, it can no longer act as a crutch.

I will soon be starting my first full-time job. I’ve also been quietly chipping away at a much more ambitious project in the background. For the most part, I’ve exhausted my backlog of stories ready for publication. And, of course, I have other hobbies to which I dedicate my time as well. In short, I don’t have the requisite resources or production capability to continue my current posting trends.

The strongest likelihood is that I will move to a fortnightly posting frequency, if not monthly (spontaneous posts aside) starting after the finale of Fate/Cross goes live. I have a couple of ideas in mind that may well develop into full stories in that time, and I have a couple of in-progress works to finish and polish up before I post them. So don’t go thinking this is the end. A diminuendo is a quietening, not a silence. No doubt the time will eventually come where my keyboard is played fortissimo and my output once again crescendos. Until then, I hope you will continue to read in 3/4 time.


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