Fate/Cross – Chapter 2

Darkness on every side. An overbearing smell of stale water. This location was not a pleasant one to be in, but it was isolated, enclosed, and most importantly, easily defended. The person now hiding within it had probably not done so by accident. With that in mind, the underground storm drain may have been a trap. It couldn’t be determined just how many times the fleeing Master had been here previously. Nevertheless, the pursuing Master pressed onwards, intent on capturing her prey.

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I Am In A Box

I am in a box.

It is four metres wide, three metres long, and two metres high. The box has a door, a window, and a light. There is a bed to sleep on. There is a cupboard filled with clothes. There are shelves stocked with things to do. There is a computer at a desk through which I can access the world. And there is me.

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Fate/Cross – Chapter 1

A chill settled over Fuyuki City. However, “chilly” was the last thing it should have been. Despite being midnight in the coastal city, it was still the height of summer. Truthfully, to equate this chill with being physically cold would be a mistake. Rather, it was more akin to the fierce tension of a cold war–belligerents standing in close proximity, each watching to see if another would strike first and reveal a weaker hand, but themselves playing their own cards close to their chest in case theirs was the weaker one. In fact, it wasn’t just akin to a cold war—Fuyuki City was, as of this night, playing host to an actual war.

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Second Chances

It’s bright. I try to shield my eyes from the harsh light assaulting them, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t escape it. Everything around me, in every direction and for as far as my eyes can see, is completely white. The landscape is completely featureless. Even the shadow below my feet is barely discernible. I may as well be being illuminated from every direction at once. It’s like some bizarre green-screen setup, before post-production has edited the backgrounds in.

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I’m not one to do New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I decided that I wanted to write more. Pastebin, my current dumping ground, is sadly not an appropriate platform for publishing writing, so I decided a needed some sort of blog instead. Hence, here we are.

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